Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Have you ever tried so hard.....and failed

I have a goal - to participate more in the blogosphere, to be a creator of knowledge, to grow as an individual. And yet sometimes I miss the mark and feel like I'm in high school raising my hand too many times to talk in class.

I'm a big fan of David Warlick and every once in awhile I get the nerve to comment on his blog. He had a really interesting post that just got me so excited. I blogged more about myself than the actual question. I feel humiliated, and in public, on my favorite blog.

It looks like I need to put more time and thought in the things I write - not that I'll stop mind you. If embarrassment stopped me I'd never do anything :)

Thanks for letting me rant a bit. I feel better. Even if I am overreacting a bit.


David said...

I'm not sure why you felt humiliated. Your post was a brilliant contribution to the conversation.

The problem with that conversation was that I did not describe the situation that led to my article, and couldn't for fear of shedding an unfairly unfavorable light on a client (not good business, and some situations are often far more complex than can be explained in a blog ;-)

Thanks so much for your contributions, Bethany, and keep them coming!

Bethany Smith said...

Thanks for appreciating my conversation.

Making a commitment to blogging and commenting on other pages is much more difficult than I had initially thought. In the beginning it is fun and exciting. But to keep it going on you have to have a bit more confidence in yourself than I can muster at times.

Thank you for helping encourage me :)