Friday, September 14, 2007

1:1 Learning Collaborative - Curriculum & Media across content areas and grades

Group discussion:
Goals for 1:1?
Increase learning thru engagement
Digital equity

1:1 has been successful in Elem Schools - attendance rates have increased and ISS has decreased.

Learn & Earn - How do we take existing PD and what more can the laptop do? How do you integrate and not add.

What kind of PD do our teachers need? and how do we start?
Tech Facilitator needs to be a nurturer
Teachers helping teachers

You need to have a firestarter that can act as a mentor. Get your firestarters together to create a core team and start building.

If the teachers are not ready its not ubiquitious - it is just laptops in a classroom.

Will tech PD supplant all other forms of PD?

You have to have some command over your tool to be an innovator - we have to teach the tool first and then teach the ways to use it.

How does this change assessment? What are our short-term and long-term measurements? Attendance? EOGs? Teen birth rates? low teacher turn-over?

I think I am blogged out......


karenrussell said...

I want to learn...
in order to move myself forward, enrich my teaching,
reach my students and build their understanding and knowledge of Math,
and help other teacher's desire and gain what I am seeking.

I want to be Transparent.

Thanks for the Blog and include me in your efforts.

Karen Russell (CCMS)

Bethany Smith said...

Hi Karen! I hope you had a good time on Friday. It was so interesting to see hear from so many different views on 1:1.

Thanks for checking me out :)