Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do I need a website?

I'm contemplating buying a domain name and website. I figure if I'm gonna do this - I may as well do it right. But is it worth it? and whom should I contract with? So far I have these companies in mind:

Domain Zoo

Any recommendations? And is it worth it? I might do a personal site at the same time to make it more cost effective. Or should I go with a local company?


comoprozac said...

I have been contemplating the same thing. I have or contribute to four blogs (plus the one I'm thinking of creating) and have various other things out there that I'd like to link to one location.

I'm curious as to why you chose the companies on your list.

Bethany Smith said...

Yahoo and Domain Zoo were recommendations by friends and what they use. Netfirms & Globat I googled and found. Netfirms is whom I am leaning towards now, but I want to investigate local companies as well as more Domain name stuff. If I do go for it I will post who I end up using.

James said...

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