Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Girls in STEM

I am at the Friday Inst again today in a meeting about Girls in STEM. I will be moblogging this session.

It is not a GPA or performance issue
50% of BAs were women - they are in college but not STEM
Who is taking SAT? More boys than girls

Why so few women in STEM?
Girls have higher GPAs in Math and Science
But low interest in science, stereotypes, the "leaky pipeline"
Once in a STEM major they are just as likely to stay
Girls are not in STEM major even with high Math SAT did not find courses of interest in STEM
They are interesting in helping people and do not see that in STEM
Girls prefer intrinsic rewards and boys prefer extrinsic rewards

Girls make lower assessments of themselves
Lack of female role models
May need to be invited to begin a "non-traditional" career
Leaky Pipeline - women drop out of STEM along the way.

How do we fix this?
Give hands-on specific info
Show how STEM can help people - big picture
Challenge stereotypes
Have Role models
Website for non-traditional Posters

National Girls Collaborative Project
Getting programs together - more effective if working together
Started at the Puget Sound Center - funded by NSF

Program directory - http://www.ngcproject.org/northcarolina/

MRU Collaborative Project

NGCP Model
Kick-off conference
program directory
Champions Board
Share best practices
Listing of needs and resources

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