Friday, September 14, 2007

1:1 Learning Collaborative - Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards - former Virginia Superintendent - Henric Co. now
Largest single district laptop initiative

Success had to do with teachers and their ATTITUDE.

National Education Technology Plan

Technology can blend the art and science of teaching.
The cost of giving each student a bottle of water a day is what it costs to do 1:1

Malcom Gladwell
- The Tipping Point - if enough of those lights come on - it will become a standard.

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

65,000..............6 million
Science finalists

Are you born smart or do you get smart? You get smart!
Requires superintendent commitment, political commitment, grade level/department chair committment

Sept 2007 - 400 laptops
Total development Sept 2009 - 6000 laptops
The educational search engine

Online formative assessments for prescriptive intervention with ontime relative data.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Edwards is one of the worst leaders out there. He got lucky in Henrico. Considering he's been pushed out of every job he's ever had that speaks loads more.