Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 Edublog Nominations

In trying to decide who to nominate, I actually used my trending data from google reader. Instead of using what I read, I looked at what blogs I shared the most on my shared items page from google reader. Even though the read data is good, I think the shared items show what I find interesting enough to tell everyone else.

My Edublog nominations are:

1. Best individual blog - The Bamboo Project Blog - Michele Martin

2. Best group blog - Leader Talk

3. Best new blog - The Connected Classroom - Kristen Hokanson

4. Best resource sharing blog - Around the Corner -

6. Best teacher blog - The Blog of Ms. Mercer - Alice Mercer

11. Best educational use of video / visual - Moving at the Speed of Creativity

13. Best educational use of a social networking service - Classroom 2.0

I didn't vote on every category - if I couldn't think or find someone easily, I didn't vote for it. I wish I could say my blog reading is as well rounded as the Edublogs nominations are!


Michele Martin said...

Thanks for the nomination, Bethany! I'm flattered! I like the criteria you used for making your choices--how often you shared the info with other people. That really fits in with the spirit of blogging, I think.

Miguel said...

Thanks for the mention, Bethany. I have to echo Michele's remark regarding criteria you used...that was inspired!

Wishing you well,
Miguel Guhlin
(new domain for the blog)

Kristin Hokanson said...

Wow Bethany
I am both flattered and honored. Thanks for thinking of me

Bethany Smith said...

Michelle, Miguel, & Kristin - I enjoy reading you all every chance I get!

Miguel said...

Having more fun here...

Take care,