Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NECC Unplugged

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After my last post I had to sit back and think about why I was so incensed by some of these comments about participation. It reminds it bit like being forced to play a sport and being afraid to be chosen last. But I really had to think about why I wasn't participating. I came up with a few reasons.

1)I looked at the list of talks at EdubloggerCon and completely felt not only overwhelmed - but also inferior. What can I add to this conversation? But after looking at the list - I was determined to find a place where I fit in. As an Instructional Technologist at a College of Education, I figured this would work:
Web 2.0 in Teacher Education: Discussion and demonstration of best practices of web 2.0 technologies in undergraduate and graduate education. Co-facilitators are strongly encouraged. Please add your name and/ or suggested topic/ technology below. We'll be able to customize the actual discussion in San Antonio.
So I did it - my name is on the wiki - as permanent as wikis can get :)

2) Now the NECC Unplugged was much more accessible to me. The format was much less intimidating than a full blown session. I could demo something for 5 mins. But what? What do I do that is cutting edge? So I couldn't decide between VoiceThread & Moodle. So I chose Moodle - this way I could do a quick overview of how Moodle is different yet similar to BlackBoard.

I hope you're happy now :)


Steve Hargadon said...

Hi, Bethany!

EduBloggerCon surely looks intimidating, but it won't be! It will be lots of fun and lots of talk, no matter what sessions you are in.

I'm really glad you took the plunge for NECC Unplugged! Way to go!

Bethany Smith said...

Thanks Steve - I'm looking forward to it :)

Skip Offenhauser said...

Ran across your name while reading David Warlick's 2 cents. Thought you might like to read about my success story using moodle for professional development This was my first attempt at doing something like this. There are many things I would do different but overall using moodle was a success.

Bethany Smith said...

Very cool. The Moodle Moot gave me some great ideas and I am looking forward to implementing some new things!

mpstaton said...

that's what unconferences are for, to repersonalize the conference.

that's two made up words.

hey, are you demoing on wed? i need someone to click a link for me so that I can chime in. I couldn't make it for family reasons :(