Friday, June 13, 2008

Mooting it with Moodle in SF - Clandestine Meetings

Technorati Tags: I had been really looking forward to the Moodle Moot in SF this week. I knew that it would be a good conference when I walked to my airport gate and see David Warlick waiting for my plane. We had a great conversation about what NC State is doing to move our College of Ed into the 21st Century. When we landed in Dallas/Ft. Worth I discovered he was on his way to Hawaii (almost as good as SF) In fact I was so intrigued I almost was late to my plane!

I arrived in SF in the early afternoon and decided to drive my rental car around the area. I had high hopes for driving to Sausalito finding a quiet coffee shop on the water and letting the boats drift by. Instead I found a rally for "Stop the Spray," and no parking - but at least to get to Sausalito you have to drive the Golden Gate bridge :)

I made it back to the hotel (which is in South San Francisco - which is a town, not a location - think North Myrtle Beach).

Now I am meeting the other members of my group for dinner - but the problem is I have no idea what they look like. Right when I am thinking that I wish I had a rose in a book (see thinly veiled blind date reference) - I recognize someone. Now the odds of me running into someone from NC State in my hotel is slim to none. So I say, "You guys look like NC State people," Which if they weren't would have been quite awkward. Luckily, these were not only the other people in my group, but I actually had met some of them via a friend of a friend. It turns out that we have all been going to the same Christmas party for going on 10 years.

In other words - I love how Raleigh is such a small town. It makes the world feel a little bit more accessible.

My updates on the Conference to follow....

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