Thursday, December 4, 2008

NCETC Reflections

I've been attending NCETC for several years now, as one of the two NC-based tech conferences. Its hard for me to say this, but I just didn't get as much out of this conference as I have in the past. Maybe it's because I presented so much, I never got to any sessions, or maybe the bar has been set so high by NECC, its hard to compare anything to it. I felt like I was doing some of the smae old things - there seemed to be no energy and I felt like I was floundering. Everyone was nice enough to say I presented well, but I just didn't feel like I was with it. It is such a stark contrast to the euphoric high I felt a few weeks ago at MEGA, that I am at a loss to describe why.

However, the best part of this conference was getting to connect with those that I have only met briefly or know virtually. In the past I have traveled to this conference with a group of people I know, and everything is coordinated. This time I really was on my own and enjoyed the flexibility. I got a chance to really get to know Eric Cole & Keith Ledford from McDowell County, whom I met last year at NCETC, and have kept up with via twitter. I got to hang out with Cindy Phthisic (misstizzy to you :) - not as much as I wanted to - and meet Sarah Hanawald. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed meeting and connecting with people at NECC. I mean I could have stayed in my hotel room, cozied up with the TV and some much needed peace and quiet, but what MADE this conference for me were the connections, and I hope I made a few more.

To top that off, this afternoon my advisior and I were able to weedle our way in ;) to having lunch with Jim Moulton and David Warlick. Eric & Keith introduced me to Jim after their pre-conference workshop session with him, and I was so impressed with how to down to earth and excited he was about education, and how technology can enhance it. I enjoyed getting a chance to talk to him throughout the conference and was excited about talking with him more. I always enjoy talking with David Warlick and it seems we always seem to meet quite fortuitously :) Sometimes I get so excited about talking about this education, that you just can't shut me up. But hey, that is what made me a teacher in the first place right?

All in all, it was the people that made this conference for me. I hope to have the opportunity to meet so many more and continue to add some face time to my online network.


misstizzy said...

Will have to set up a definite time to get together at NCTIES in March! - Cindy

Eric Cole said...

It's always a pleasure to converse with you. Your knowledge and delivery makes you a session favorite at conferences!
I am thankful to have such an intelligent and forward thinking resource.