Monday, December 8, 2008

Conference Blogging

As much as I love to blog during a conference, I am at a loss over how to do it well. There are many options out there:

  1. Compose a blog post while you are in attendance - these tend to be a bit, well, long winded. Sometimes they make sense, but often times they don't. David Warlick & Wes Fryer are big fans of this technique.
  2. Use a Live blogging tool like Cover it live. Alice Mercer is one of the first I had seen use this tool. Cindy Phthstic used it at the last conference I attended - NCETC. This has been my favorite tool, it make more sense when you read it afterwards, and is easy to do at the time.
  3. My new favorite way to cover a conference is illustrated by Dan Meyer. Now granted he is a bit more critical of presenters than I feel comfortable being, but I like the concept of organizing your thoughts. His blog post is more a review of the session with the following sections: Session Title, Better Session Title, Presenter, Narrative, Visuals, Handouts, & Homeless.
I think I'll try out Dan's technique at the next conference I attend (if there is actual travel money next semester). I hope it will help me organize my thoughts a bit better.

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A. Mercer said...

Excellent advice. I find that Cover It Live still can seem like a "chat" rather than a summary. I tend to use it for Live Blogging, then I write up a post later that is more fleshed out? Here is a post I did on Instructify:
on how to take notes/blog from a conference. My short advice, if you know what sessions you are going to, create a post or document with the title, background, and links (if possible) in it before you are at the session. A boiler plate template like Dan uses is a great idea.