Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Traveling to Edenton

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Sometimes I forget how "loud" my life is, between the 1 year-old, the construction on campus, the airplane travel it was just refreshing to have a nice contemplative and quiet drive to Edenton, NC. I was lucky that the weather held up and the drive was just wonderful. I wonder sometimes if being born near water (I was born in Seattle) draws you to the sea. Scanning the tops of the sailboats I yearn to be in the middle of the water.

I'm in Edenton for a brief stay and to help with the 21CTL Project that is working with Middle School Science & Math Teachers in the North East region of our state. I helped out with a series of workshops 2 summers ago in the Roanoke Rapids area and I'm excited to be asked to join this group in Edenton.

The best part of this project is the focus on the integration of technology to improve what the teachers are ALREADY DOING in their classroom. Using Vernier Probeware, graphing calculators and laptops, these teachers are taking their labs from the level of making graphs to INTERPRETING them. Plus, playing with probeware is just way too much fun!

Oh and by the way did I mention misstizzy was there? Whom I met via twitter at NCAECT? How cool is that?

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Leslie Hopkins said...

You know that's my hometown. In fact, you are probably working with some of my old teachers as well as people I went to high school with.

Bethany Smith said...

I totally forgot that was your hometown - I should have thrown your name around :) It really was a great place, I wish I had spent more time there rather than a run in and out. Haven't seen you in awhile. Hope we can catch up soon!

williamrich said...

Really i love to Traveling to Edenton . Because the place was very beautiful and gives nice atmosphere. Now i am plan to travel to Edenton by once in quarterly year.


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