Friday, July 11, 2008

I Blame My Father....

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As I lay here on the couch, my legs aching from waiting in line for over 4 HOURS for an iPhone I have decided to blame my father for all of this. After all, it is his fault that I am the geek girl that I am. It all started in 2nd grade (yes - I know - to some I am sooooo old and to others I am sooooo young) when my Dad brought home the Apple IIc to our humble abode. I learned to program "Hello World," played lemonade stand, printed banners and cards with Print Shop, and never quite made it to Orgeon, but I enjoyed the trail. That computer led to my joy of programming Logo and lunches in the computer lab at middle school. By the time our Macintosh 512K showed up the neighborhood was hangin' out in our basement to play David's Midnight Magic (the BEST pinball game evah!) By then, I was soldering together my first Heath Kit and would eventually help my Dad network our burgeoning computer collection. Fast forward 5 or 10 years, where I find my place amoungst the geeks of NCSU and eventually the likes of video gamers. But it all comes back my Dad, and the love for technology and playing with new things and trying to figure out how they work that has led me to this day. Where I stand in line for 4 hours to get the latest gadget the iPhone & I am loving every minute of it.

Did I mention the Apple IIc & Mac 512K are still running and in my attic :)

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