Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Social Bookmarking

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I've been getting a good deal of requests to explain Social Bookmarking, and how it can be useful in education - I posted over at Cool Tools, but wanted to cross post here. If anyone else has some good ways to explain it - I'd love to hear them!

We all bookmark websites, intending to go back to them in the future, but if you are like most people the endless list of bookmarks becomes daunting. To top that off you always need a specific site when you are not a your computer. Enter an online bookmarking site. What makes so special? Two things - tags and sharing.

Tags allow you to categorize your bookmarks. So say you are looking at a great website like The Plantation Letters that is perfect for your classroom, you can categorize it as: NChistory, letters, middleschool, primarysource, etc. So that when you inevitably forget the name of the site, but you remember that it had to do with North Carolina History you can find it.

Now imagine that you could share this list with your students. Instead of e-mailing them websites, or worse writing them on the board, you can have a dynamic list of bookmarks that your students can use for reference! Just tag the website something like - 8thgrade_4thperiod - then your students will be able to see all the websites with that tag.

The best part is that is not only free, but it also has no advertising. Check out my links at:


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