Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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I have been pretty sick lately - I just can't quite shake this virus, so I haven't been able to really get excited about NCAECT at the end of the week. Here is what I will be presenting:

8:15 Concord C
The Internet is the new OS
Google Docs? SlideShare? RSS? EduBlogs? PB Wiki? They are all part of what we call the Read/Write Web or Web 2.0 and are reimagining what we think of as an operating system. In this session we will explore the tools that are out on the World Wide Web, and discuss ways to use them in your classroom.

9:15 Concord F
The Power of Podcasting
Podcasting continues to be a buzz word, but how does you actually create one? This session will showcase examples of podcasts across different curricular areas. We will discuss the principal components of a podcast and the tools necessary to create one. Come join me as we explore the possibilities of listening and creating podcasts in your classroom.

Concord C
Just what is a Moodle anyway?
Moodle is an open source course management system that easily creates a secure environment for your students to interact and share information. With a simple and flexible interface, and a great price tag (FREE!), Moodle can create the online presense you need to reach your students and community.


E Cole said...

I plan to try to hit your Moodle presentation. Hope you feel better.

Bethany Smith said...

Thanx - looking forward to seeing you!

e cole said...

I really enjoyed the session. I didn't know "moodle" at all. Currently we use services that wouldn't lend itself to using a moodle at work; however, I may set one up for my extracurricular Instructional Technology offerings this summer. If for no other reason as practice. Thanks again. You deserved the applause.