Tuesday, February 12, 2008

YouTube for Your School

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I love Video - I love teaching Video - I love working with students and seeing the videos they create. What I hate about video is how looooooong it takes to render. How much space it takes up on my machine and how it seems to get lost on a DVD in my cabinet never to be found again.

So YouTube or TeacherTube is my answer, right? Well, maybe, but what if you could do something better?

We discovered Clipshare, a server based solution that allows for a YouTube-esque flash based video server, that can be housed locally.

Now my faculty and students can login and upload all the video they want. It converts it to flash, so my files sizes are low and I have the universality of a flash player. Add to that the fact that some videos can be private, videos can be downloaded, and all authentication is controlled by our current system - and you have a winner.

Now, the only problem we have run into (and this I don't know personally) is that it is a bit of a pain to install because of all the video codec types it accepts. However, for a product under $300 - this has been a good investment.

So check it out!

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