Monday, February 4, 2008

Interactive WhiteBoards - AKA SmartBaord vs. Sympodium, vs. Mimio

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I often get asked, "What do I buy?" and my first answer is always, "What are you using it for?" I find this is coming again in reference to creating a new classroom. The issue with technology is - do you prepare you future teachers with technology in the schools? or with a better technology that you can provide in a University? My mindset again goes back to context. Also, since I see my job as infusing technology into the professors class interactions it will naturally become part of their student's repertoire. Because as we know - we teach how we are taught and the better our professor's can lead by example the better off our students will be in using technology in their classrooms.

So this begs the question, Do I install a SmartBoard or a Sympodium? (Or I'll even throw in there - a Mimo) Well in this case, the purpose of the classroom is for Elementary Pre-service teachers. Elementary schools are not only more likely to have SmartBoards (or Interactive WhiteBoards of any kind) they are also more conducive to the Elementary style of teaching. While Sympodiums are very lecture centered and work very well in the high school and university halls. Mimio I see as the flexible interactive white board. Until we can all get SmartBoards in every classroom - Mimio's help bridge the gap and make ANY whiteboard an interactive one.

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