Monday, April 23, 2012

EdcampNC 2012 - I survived!

EdcampNC happened over this past weekend, and by some miracle I survived! Seriously, I was worried for awhile.  I mean, there is no set schedule ahead of time, no spotlight speakers, no people to organize - I couldn't even set-up the night before due to another event. We would have to do everything THE DAY OF - the control freak in me was losing it!  But that is the beauty of an Edcamp - it's easy!  Once you have a time and place, it just sort of happens.  My concerns over no one showing up, or no one wanting to speak were unfounded. Yes, we had a lower turnout than I would have liked, yes people did leave at lunch, and yes some sessions were not attended, but that happens at every conference.  The best part to me was listening in on the conversations being held around our building about how we can be the change we want to see in education, and supporting others on that journey. And in the end that is what an Edcamp is all about, being relevant to teachers and giving them the opportunities to explore new things. All in all I feel it was a success and hope to have many more to come!

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