Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will iPads Replace Laptops?

I'm giving a presentation next week at NCTIES on "Will iPads Replace Laptops?" What do you think?


Jenny said...

As someone who worked in the industry of building servers, I saw lots of new technology come around. Some fail and some succeed.

The mouse is now completely obsolete. I question teaching my children this IO device. Keyboards are going to change to a sometimes kind of thing. Consider, a bluetooth keyboard for the fat thumbed typist. But I don't think Apple's iPad is the answer for a real laptop replacement, they are too separatist.

Bethany Smith said...

I find that the iPad does somethings VERY well, and other things not at all. I think that it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice. The iPad has replaced my laptop, but not my main computing machine.

However, I completely agree that we shouldn't be teaching to hardware or OS specifics, that we should be focusing on how our students can be flexible and adaptable to new technologies.

Thanks for your feedback!