Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ISTE & Edubloggercon 2010

I am woefully behind in my blog posting about ISTE & Edubloggercon from last month.  I had no idea how fast August would get here! My overall impressions of ISTE & EBC are pretty mixed. Here is my Pro/Con list from this year (or should I call it + / Delta ?)

  • Getting to Meet People
  • Shuttle to convention center from hotel
  • Traveling by yourself - setting your own schedule
  • Enjoyed EBC and the Edubloggers Cafe

  • Having to Meet People
  • Hotel 20 minutes away from anybody, anywhere
  • No rental car
  • Traveling by yourself - lonely
  • Didn't get a lot out of formal sessions
  • Edubloggercon tacked about 2 extra days to the conf experience. Making 6 days total away from home
So what does this mean? Well, I'll be traveling to Educause this October, a higher ed tech conference. It will be interesting to see the differences between the two.  Part of the issue is that I seem to live in this in-between world. I'm not quite K-12, but not quite Higher Ed either.  What I do know is that a conference is all about what you put into it, and maybe I just didn't put enough into ISTE this year.

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