Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ignite Raleigh

I have put my money where my mouth is and have thrown my hat in the ring (wow 2 cliches in the first sentence already :) to present at Ignite Raleigh.

I'm a fan of the Pecha Kucha style that Ignite Raleigh promotes of 5 minutes/20 slides. I've worked with a few classes to use this style for their final project presentation and it has worked great - if you combine it with Presentation Zen. So that is my presentation topic

Presentation Zen or How to not to be boring while presenting at Ignite

I was surprised at the lack of overall design and presentation style at last year's Ignite - so I hope my presentation will change all that :) So if you get a chance and are so inclined, please vote for me! Also - NCTies peeps - it is the Wednesday night of the conference, maybe we could get a group to go over?


Susan said...

When is Ignite Raleigh, Bethany? I'd love to come to your presentation if I can!

Susan Miller-Cochran

Bethany Smith said...

Thanks Susan! Ignite Raleigh is on Wednesday, March 3rd at the Lincoln Theatre. However, the only way I get to present is if my presentation is in the top 10 - so vote for me at


Dan London said...


If you don't "win" at IgniteRaleigh, I'd love to have you present at my event.


Bethany Smith said...

Sounds like a great idea Dan - Thanks.

Janet M. Kennedy said...

So Bethany - I don't know if this "cheating" but I took a look at the presentation that have already been uploaded. Hummm - my PP template is your bad example. I KNEW I should have contacted you before I uploaded! I shall have to rely on my Charisma (ha!) and the hope that I will be before you in the presentation mix. ;-)

Bethany Smith said...

I definitely thought it was weird that we could all see the contents of the dropbox. I'm sure that your presentation will be awesome :) I look forward to meeting you next week.