Sunday, August 3, 2008

What is your theme music?

I’ve always had theme music. I mean there are certain songs that motivate me in my life. I believe this springs from all of the Basketball Warm-up songs that I have had played before the “Big Game.” “Shook Me All Night Long” and “Mysterious Ways” still remind me of taking the court for the first time as a Freshman in high school playing on the Varsity Team (no I wasn’t that good, but when you are 5’10” in 7th grade and your school doesn’t have JV, well you get the idea). So to this day I still have certain songs that I listen to to pump me up.

So here are mine:
Short Skirt & a Long Jacket” by Cake. This is the song I listen to when I need to quote “tour the facility and take up slack.” Anytime I need to go into a meeting and standup for myself, this is the song I either listen to or just play in my head. It gets me in the right frame of mind to just get it done.
Talk on Indolence” by The Avett Brothers. My best friend has named this the dissertation song. The beginning lyrics say, “Reading and writing and searching for reasons. The summer the spring the winter the snow, the record will stop and the record will go. The world outside just goes and goes…” Everytime I get frustrated with finding the right words- I realize that others have gone through it too.
Gonna Make You Love Me” by Ryan Adams. This is what I listen to on my walk to work. It gets me going and almost makes me want to skip ☺

So what’s your theme song?


Nathan Lowell said...

Pulp - Common People. I like the Shatner version :)

Bethany Smith said...

A Shatner version of any song will get you in a good mood :)

michael said...

As geeky as this might sound, I have actually thought a lot about this, I think it began with my first baseball game. You know how baseball players have "bump" music (that little clip as they are coming to bat), my teammates and I used to talk about what song we would use and now when I am at a game my friends and I still talk about what song we would use. I think my song would change periodically depending on my mood etc.

When I'm cycling it's definitely: Cake - Going the Distance

Other times probably:
U2 - Beautiful Day

Bethany Smith said...

Isn't it amazing how closely songs and sports are related :) I agree though - Cake Going the Distance has got to be good at getting you over the finish line.