Tuesday, November 13, 2007

David Warlick @ MEGA

Davis is discussing current internet usage based on data from the PEW foundation.

PEW - Internet & American LifeResearch on how Americans are using the internet.
Parent & Teen Use in PEW

How do adults "social network?" vs. the way students social network via. MySpace & Facebook

Educators are using Tinkertoys - little tools to help us do our job.

As "adults" (or non-myspacers) we are putting together several tools to facilitate our learning. I embody this idea in my use of Blogger, Twitter, del.icio.us, Google Reader, etc. But I struggle with the idea of 1) Presenting all these tools to my teachers and 2)Should we be using Facebook - since that is where our students live - or will a separate social network work (like a nin). I also worry that throwing too many options - and not scaffolding correctly will bring everything down to the ground.

I really, REALLY want to get a College of Ed Social network of the ground, but how do you get people to come? MySpace in particular has the most horrid webdesign usage- it breaks every usability rule - yet people love it, because of the people. Can we design a great interface and get people to use it? I don't know...

Side Note:

David did mention a new book - that I think I need to read.
Small Things loosely Joined - book on Web 2.0


David Warlick said...


Thanks for blogging my presentation yesterday. It was good to see you, and I'm sorry I had to leave right away to drive to Winston Salem. I love the idea of an NCSU Blogger Meetup.

-- dave --

Bethany Smith said...

Thanks! Maybe we'll get a chance to talk at NCETC. I hope you enjoy my hometown of Winston-Salem!

John Hackett said...

I saw your comment about Elgg on David Warlicks site - and followed you here! You might like to take a look at a new service just launched in the UK: The Learning Landscape for Schools (http://www.ll4schools.co.uk) which is based on Elgg but with added security. Feel free to contact me if you wany any more information.

Bethany Smith said...

Thanks John - I'll have to check it out!